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Computer Programming

How to get started with writing computer programs, in various languages, to solve problems in biochemistry

The following list of contacts are willing to offer advice of the physical process of programming computers.


For general advice of programming approaches for biochemical problems.

Tim Stevens


A modern and extensible scripting language. Probably the easiest to learn, but no less powerful and increasingly popular for bioinformatics.

Wayne Boucher

Tim Stevens


Probably the most popular language for bioinformatics. A powerful and general scripting language.

John Ionides


A modern compiled language. An essential for many developments involving web browsers and the internet. Very commonly used in conjunction with relational databases.


John Ionides


The standard low-level compiled language, a mainstay of computer science and one of the fastest to run.

Wayne Boucher


A middle-level compiled language that has many extensions and libraries compared to C. Fast to run and a popular choice for the development of commercial software.


A high level mathematical package with its own scripting language. Useful for prototyping and developing graphical output.


A high level statistical language, with many inbuilt statistical operations.


The oldest of the commonly used languages. A very fast running compiled language that has been used for some very important scientific software.