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PostDoc Research Day- Speakers Confirmed

last modified Jul 17, 2013 05:34 PM
The speaker list for the PostDoc research day has now been confirmed.


Places are limited, so if you have not already done so, please register at:

The aim of the talks is to highlight the work being carried out by Postdoctoral researchers in a number of fields within the Department.

The following researchers will be giving talks at the PostDoc Research day.

In no particular order:

Angela Schwede, Carrington lab, Molecular Microbiology - "Regulation of cellular growth rate by cell surface protein density in trypanosomes"

Tim Stevens, (formerly Laue lab), DNA & Chromatin Biology - "Computing the 3D structures of genomes in single cells"

Nicole M. Sodir, Evan lab, Disease Biology - "Myc is essential for pancreatic cancer and its microenvironment"

Elizabeth Bilsland, Oliver lab, Systems Biology - "Yeast-based high-throughput screens identify novel antiparasitic drugs"

Takashi Ochi, Blundell lab, Chemical Biology & Drug Design / DNA & Chromatin Biology / Signalling & Trafficking - "How the NHEJ ligase machinery joins DNA ends after double strand breaks"

Cecilia Castro, Griffin lab, Systems Biology (but talk title involves microRNAs, work done in collaboration with Erik Miska - RNA Biology) - "microRNAs act in parallel to insulin/IGF-1 signalling to control healthspan and ageing in Caenorhabditis elegans"

Miguel Coelho, Chris Smith lab, RNA Biology - "The Nuclear Matrix Protein Matrin 3 is a Regulator of Splicing"

Markus Keller, Ralser lab, Systems Biology - TBC

Jenny Mortimer, Dupree lab, Plant Biochemistry and Bioenergy - "The function of GONST1, a GDP-Mannose transporter: new insights into glycolipids and immunity."