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PostDoc Research Day brings together Biochemistry Department

last modified Sep 30, 2013 01:57 PM
PostDoc Research Day brings together Biochemistry Department

Angela Schwede discusses her work at the PostDoc research day

The inaugural Department of Biochemistry Postdoctoral Research Day was held on Wednesday 24th July in the Sanger building. The free event was attended by over 150 members of the department, including summer research students, PhD students, PostDocs, technical staff and group leaders.

The day was opened by the Head of Department, Professor Gerard Evan, who outlined the critical role of postdoctoral researchers and his vision for how the experiences of postdocs and other members of staff can be improved.

The day itself consisted of a program of talks by postdoctoral speakers, selected to represent a range of themes with the aim of introducing the audience to the broad spectrum of research fields currently studied in the department. Nine talks, split into three sessions covered topics including: chromatin structure, the evolution of metabolism, cancer therapy and screening for antiparasitic drugs. A full list of speakers and titles can be found at the bottom of this page.

The talks were closed by Prof Steve Oliver who highlighted the diverse research themes in the department and the array of different projects currently being undertaken by postdocs. He reminded those in attendance that his postdoc years had been some of his happiest and most productive.

As well as the research talks, attendees enjoyed a complementary lunch and afternoon tea. The day culminated in the annual Departmental barbecue, where everyone had the chance to relax and socialize in the sunshine over cold beverages and tasty food.

Special thanks to all the speakers and our sponsors Qiagen and Starlab, for making the day possible.

The event was concluded to be a success by all involved and the hope is that it can be turned into an annual event. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Session 1

Angela Schwede, Carrington lab, Molecular Microbiology – “"Regulation of cellular growth rate by cell surface protein density in trypanosomes"

Tim Stevens,(Laue lab), DNA & Chromatin Biology - "Computing the 3D structures of genomes in single cells"

Nicole M. Sodir, Evan lab, Disease Biology - "Myc is essential for pancreatic cancer and its microenvironment"

Session 2

Elizabeth Bilsland, Oliver lab, Systems Biology - "Yeast-based high-throughput screens identify novel antiparasitic drugs"

Takashi Ochi, Blundell lab, DNA & Chromatin Biology- "How the NHEJ ligase machinery joins DNA ends after double strand breaks"

Cecilia Castro, Griffin lab, Systems Biology - "microRNAs act in parallel to insulin/IGF-1 signalling to control health span and ageing in Caenorhabditis elegans"

Session 3

Miguel Coelho, Chris Smith lab, RNA Biology - "The Nuclear Matrix Protein Matrin 3 is a Regulator of Splicing"

Markus Keller, Ralser lab, Systems Biology – "Metabolism - Long, long time ago"

Jenny Mortimer, Dupree lab, Plant Biochemistry and Bioenergy - "The function of GONST1, a GDP-Mannose transporter: new insights into glycolipids and immunity.